Book Review: Love No Matter What

I chose to review Love No Matter What: When Your Kids Make Decisions You Don’t Agree With
because I am a mom of teens. Simple as that. Ok, not so simple… one of my teens is 18 and I spent the 6 months before she reached the age of adulthood wondering if I had done a “good job”.  The more I thought about it, the more I remembered that no matter what I did or didn’t do, my daughter would have to make her own choices…just like I did at that age. So, when I saw this book in my list of choices to review a few months after my daughter’s birthday, I thought it would be a good one to read to see if my opinions were the same as the authors.

The topics covered in the book range from the types of decisions our children make that we don’t agree with, common mistakes parents make (and yes, I was guilty of a few of these!), how to really be “cool” parents, who to share your parental struggles with, and more. The topics were good and gave a lot of insight BUT sometimes it was confusing to read about the particular families involved.  The author would name mom, dad and child and tell about their struggle in one chapter and then bring them back up again a few chapters later…it made my mind jumbled!  Maybe if she had included a chart with each family and their main struggle or even just said “Jessica’s parents handled this problem this way…” I might have been able to handle it better.

I did like the fact that she included her adult daughter’s perspective on some of the issues.  The author is clear that she was not the perfect mom.  She had some struggles with her daughter Katie and in this book, they discuss some of those and how they worked through them or are still working on.

As for those opinions…were they similar to mine?  Yes, mostly.  There were a couple of things that I don’t totally agree with but that is ok.  It may be because I have not faced some of the issues mentioned and so my opinion is irrelevant.  You always hear people say “if that were my kid, I would…”  well, you really don’t know WHAT you would do in that situation and neither do I.

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