Big Birthday Parties on a Budget

We did it! We gave our daughter a fabulous Sweet Sixteen birthday party and it didn’t break the bank.

The cake was made by one of my daughter’s friends who has been teaching herself about cake decorating and I think she did an amazing job!

It was a GLOWING SWEET SIXTEEN party featuring a dance room with black lights, disco ball and a strobe light…ALL BORROWED!  The music was made possible through a party mix that my daughter had made on her iPod.  We hooked it up to a speaker with a built in power source (Also borrowed) so the music was bumping!

The bon fire was glowing brightly and was a great hang out area that didn’t cost me anything… well, except for the hot dogs they cooked there!

We also had the beautiful and HUGE Princess Castle Moonbounce from Playland Moonbounce which I had bartered for. This was a hit with the little kids and the teens also!

The only part of the party that I had to pay for (except food & paper products) was Laser Tag and it was SOOOO worth it. The kids LOVED this!

All in all, it looked like we spent a ton of money but this party cost us less than $400 (including food, etc). We still have some food left too so the cost is actually lower. Everyone that came  (at least 45 people) said they had a great time.  No, you won’t see this on My Super Sweet 16 TV show (which I have never seen but have heard a lot about) but who cares.The memories that my daughter will have of her special night will last a lifetime. I still remember my sweet 16 party…it was a few years ago! LOL

I have two more kids that will want big 16th birthday parties in a few years…I wonder what I will come up with for them and if I can do more for less!  I love a challenge.

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