Around the Kitchen Table

I am sure you have heard before that the kitchen is the center of the home. I know at my house, this is definitely true. So much happens in this one room. Some obvious kitchen activities are cooking & eating. We also do school work, crafts, play board games and more in there.

One of the things I am adamant about is having meals together at the kitchen table. Research has shown all kinds of benefits from families enjoying their meals together such as better grades in school, fewer eating disorders, children develop larger vocabularies, and closer relationships between parents and children. Yeah, these facts are definitely reasons that I am so serious about our family meals.
Tonight after dinner, the kids and I were still sitting at the table together just talking and we started laughing about the conversations that we have. I sat there and watched my children being silly and thought about how much I would miss this if we were all eating in separate rooms in front of TVs. These are special times!
I am so blessed that my children enjoy spending time with their family. I encourage you, if you are not already enjoying family meals together, please do it! Turn the TV off, put your cell phones and hand held games away and actually carry on a conversation while you eat. You just might learn something about the people you live with.

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