All American History Out Loud

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and since my children were stuck inside all day yesterday because it was raining and I was in bed sick, we HAD to get outside today.  But we also had to do school so I came up with a fun, creative way to allow both.  We have a speaker that we can plug a microphone into so we took it outside and I read aloud to them from our All American History book while they played.  You may be thinking that they weren’t really listening so it was a total waste of time. WRONG!  They answered every question I asked about the lesson.


I had a lot of fun…so much in fact that  my 15 year old son told me that I was having “too much fun” and then he took my microphone away.  Party pooper! Anyway, it just goes to show you that school CAN be fun and I promise you that if you make it memorable, they will…well, remember it! I love making memories with my kids and sharing them with you to encourage you to do the same.

Please post links to YOUR blog posts about how you are making learning fun!


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