Afternoon Snack

My husband wanted me to make him a strawberry cake so I did…I have made 3 of them now since Saturday.  One was for my Bunco group and unfortunately it got dropped when I was getting it out of the van and was a big mess inside of the Tupperware container.  I didn’t stay for Bunco because I was feeling kinda loopy from some ear issue.  They said that it tasted good but I really don’t think they ate it…(If any of my Bunco friends are reading this, it is ok if you didn’t eat it! LOL)  The other one I made that day was left for my family to eat. They loved it.

I had some left over icing and have a get together with some church friends tonight so I decided to make another one. I bet you thought I was gonna tell you I had some of that cake as an afternoon snack didn’t ya?  HA HA! Obviously this recipe is NOT on my healthy eating plan.  It is a Paula Deen recipe…she loves butter you know! I am trying VERY, VERY hard to NOT eat things that will not help me reach my goal so I made myself a smoothie using the leftover strawberry puree and I added a banana to it.  Yummy! 

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