A little time away


Last week I was going through my calendar and saw that, like always, I had something scheduled every night…except for once, I had a night that had nothing written. SO, to keep me from putting something there, I wrote “Rest & Rejuvenate”.  I made an appointment for some ME time.  If anyone called and asked me to do something, I could honestly say “I have something scheduled already.”  It wasn’t a lie.  I needed a night that was just for me. Yes, I do have fun nights like homeschool moms’ dinners, BUNCO, ladies’ nights, etc but even then, I have to DO something. I wanted to just relax so I put my phone on airplane mode so I could escape for awhile and I spent the night catching up on my reading, writing, and thinking. It was nice to take the time for me, especially since I got very sick on Sunday and my body is still recovering.

Do yourself a favor and take a little time away. You deserve it!

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