At the start of each year, God gives me a word to use as my “theme”.  This year, the word is Focus.  I didn’t quite understand why He gave me this particular word at first.  I thought that I was a pretty focused person. I mean, I DO get a lot done so I must be pretty focused, right?

The more I prayed about it and asked God if He is SURE this is the word for me, the more clarification I received.  It all came into focus so to speak.

I looked up the definition…

The first definition under noun –  a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

Ok…so I needed a central point or activity to focus on this year.  Got it.  I have kept my focus on God and having Him in the middle of ALL I do.  So why is He telling me to focus?  I don’t understand.  What kept coming to mind was the fact that I have had so many different projects going on at one time that I haven’t been able to finish this one particular project…writing my book.  I have helped 3 other people with their dream of publishing a book in the past couple of years and now I need to focus on MY dream. I have been to scared to really do it…afraid of what people will think.  Afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. Afraid to put myself out there.  And most of all, afraid it wouldn’t be successful.  I am letting go of the fear of failure and going for it.  I got the sweetest encouragement from my grandmother on my birthday.  She sent me a card that had 2 bookmarks in it.  In the card she wrote “the bookmarks are for that book you are writing.  I have faith that you can do it.”  Wow…that spoke volumes to me!

So, folks, I am FOCUSING on getting this book finished and in your hot little hands this year.

I am asking for your prayers, support, and encouragement.  Thanks and Happy New Year!


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