FitBit Force Fiasco

I have debated on whether or not to post this because I wanted to give the company a chance to respond to my concern…it’s been a week and I have yet to hear from them.

In November,  I ordered the Fit Bit Force for my birthday. It took a couple of weeks to arrive so I didn’t start wearing it until mid-December.   It was so comfortable that I would forget that I had it on. I loved it…until the rash started.

I first noticed the redness around the 2nd week of wearing it.  I had washed my hands that afternoon without taking it off and a little soapy water got between it and my skin…it started itching a couple of hours later.  I thought that maybe it had something to do with it getting water under it so I took it off, dried it, & switched wrists. Within a couple of days, my wrists looked like this


I looked online to see if others were experiencing any problems and discovered that I was not alone. Many people are having issues. The company claims it is from an allergic reaction to the nickel or even bacteria from not cleaning the product. I don’t think it’s either. I honestly think the water getting on the exposed battery charging posts caused the product to actually burn my wrists.

Hopefully I will hear from the company soon and get my money back so that I can look for another fitness tracking device.

UPDATE 2/6/14
I have received a full refund from FitBit and have sent the Force back.

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