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Mirror Broken Mirror

And just like that, the mirror slid from the top of my makeup case and crashed onto the tile floor.  Shattered, Broken, Shiny pieces…Some so tiny, others large chunks. I cleaned up the mess and went on about my day but God kept whispering to take a look at that broken mirror. Ok, God, I […]

Help me decide

I need your help!!  I have to choose a picture to send in with my bio for the statewide women’s ministry page and I can’t decide between these two… Please leave a comment with which one you think I should use.  I will tally the votes and send in the “winner” by Thursday so don’t […]

All American History Out Loud

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and since my children were stuck inside all day yesterday because it was raining and I was in bed sick, we HAD to get outside today.  But we also had to do school so I came up with a fun, creative way to allow both.  We have a speaker that […]

Healthier Living

The aroma of “fair foods” at Celebrate Munford today made it very difficult to stick to my healthy eating plan but I did it.  You know what I am talking about…funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, BBQ. All things delicious but definitely NOT nutritious. I was there working the Junior Auxiliary booth and encouraging kids to […]

No Tears Math Lesson

You don’t even know how happy I am to see this child smiling and playing around while working on her math lesson. You see, she has really struggled in math and we have tried many different methods to get her to understand but so many of her lessons ended in tears for her and yelling […]

US Geography – Delaware

Today Andrew began the geography lessons that are scheduled in Illuminations Year 4 for 3rd – 8th. Throughout this year, he will be learning about each state in the order which they became part of the United States. We are making a state notebook using the printable sheets included in our Illuminations program that allows […]

Rooting To Learn

As I have mentioned before, my children are using English from the Roots Up to learn the Latin and Greek roots. Volume 1 was part of our Illuminations Year 3 schedule last year  and we will be using Volume 2 this year. Some people have asked me WHY this is important. I have received comments like “Latin […]

Bits Of Our Day

Here are some random pics I took of the kids working on their school work today…   Here is my youngest enjoying reading The Kid Who Ran For President. He said it is very interesting.  My middle child working on his Chalk Dust Algebra I…he did great with it today by the way! Yes, he has […]

First Day of School 2012

Today was our official first day for the 2012-2013 school year.  Yes, we started ON Labor Day.  We had no special plans for the day and have been on break for a couple of weeks anyway because we do school through the summer so why not kick off the new year with a review of […]