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Pics for Posts

So you want to start a blog for the new year? That’s great! BUT before you get started, you need to know about how to find pics for your posts. Many new bloggers think that they can just snag any image from Google images but you really can’t! Hey, I thought the same thing when […]

Kroger Clearance Deals

I went to Kroger last night to get a few boxes of the Kellogg’s cereal in the three day sale and as always, I checked the clearance shelf.  I found these bottles of Old Spice Body Wash for $1.99, quickly did a search using the coupon database that I have bookmarked on my Droid and […]


In 2002 I read Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (AKA The Flylady) & it helped changed the way I did things around my home.  I had been to her website before and even got the massive amounts of emails each day that she sent out through yahoo but until I read the book, I didn’t […]

Sid the Science Kid Discovery Day

When I was a home childcare provider, we watched Sid the Science Kid every morning on PBS and the kids loved it! My youngest, who was about 8 when we first started watching it, had me record it just in case he missed something important!  HA HA He loved the way that Sid and his […]

Here We Go Again

I made a promise to myself last year on my birthday that I would lose 100 lbs by my next birthday…well, that day was Wednesday and I am sad to say, I failed. I was disappointed in myself because I only lost about 40 lbs but decided that day that it isn’t over. Just because […]