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Well Done

We all want to know that someone appreciates us and thinks our work is worthy right? Remember in grade school how you felt when you got a gold star on your paper? You were so proud of it and wanted to show everyone. In my Weight Watchers meeting, our leader gives us little BRAVO stickers […]

Bamboo Pink Unveiled

Earn free designer jewelry by participating in email marketing campaign. A new jewelry line for women launches today! Analysts speculate that this could be the largest women’s internet start-up company in history. They have launched a grassroots marketing campaign and they need your help! The best news is that you can earn free jewelry simply […]

You Are What You Post

Here is something I have had to say over and over again to people I know…You ARE what you post! You may think people don’t (or shouldn’t) judge you by what you post on Facebook and Twitter but they will. Almost every night on the news there is a story about someone who got in […]

Zumba for Cancer

One of the primary focuses of Relay for Life is the phrase “FIGHT BACK”. Through donating to the American Cancer Society and through taking care of your own health, you are helping create more birthdays. With living by the principles of  Get Active, Eat Right, and making check-ups to Find Cancer Early, we can prevent cancer from being […]

I Am Not Afraid

The topic in our children’s service has been about fear…well to NOT fear.  The kids have learned about not being afraid of the dark,  going to the Dr, heights, etc.  We used 2 Timoty 1:7 as one of the key verses.  It is one I have had my own children recite when they were afraid […]

Don’t Text and Drive

I don’t text and drive because I don’t think anything I have to say or read is as important as life. A few years ago I saw something on TV about the guy in this video who hit a bicyclist because he was texting and I decided that I would never do it. If my […]