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Week in Review

Last Sunday was my middle child’s 14th birthday so I had asked a girl we go to church with to make him a cake to surprise him with before Sunday School.  She came up with this really cool camouflage design. After church we went to eat (he chose Burger King) and then to the movies to […]

Learning As They Play

It was another “snow day” for the schools in my county.  When they close, it affects my daily routine because I end up with one less preschooler (her mom works for the school system) and one extra school ager.  Because of this, I often will let my kids take a day off from school work […]

House Party

Have you ever heard of  It is a free online community where people are connected through parties. When you register, you have the opportunity to host a House Party for your friends and family while testing out some kind of new product. If you’re selected as a host, you can use their website to […]

Built Trey Tough

A friend of mine sent me the link to this Facebook page and when I read what it was about, I knew I had to take part in it!  It is for a 3 year old little boy in Arkansas named Trey who is waiting on a heart transplant.  Like most kids, he loves to […]

911 Facebook Texts

My husband and I started receiving text a couple of days ago that said “Please make a voice call to 911. There is no text service to 911 available at this time.” I didn’t think too much about it at first but after receiving 4 more, I was kind of getting confused.   I was wondering […]

Kid teachers

One of the things that I love about having little ones here everyday is what my own children are learning from them.  As a homeschool mom, it is my responsibility to ensure my children are getting an education.  I believe that not all learning is from books but that many things can be learned from […]

Game Time at Bright Ideas Press

Check out this contest on the Bright Ideas Press website.  You have the opportunity to win a copy of Christian Kids Explore Biology.  What are you waiting for?  Get over there and play!

Google Doodle Contest

You all know how much I love Google Doodles right? Well, Google has a contest called Doodle 4 Google where students in K-12 can use their talent to design a logo for the company for everyone to see! The theme for this year is “What I’d like to do someday…” The winning artist will receive […]

Sunday Blessings

I love Sundays.  Not only do I get to go to church but I also get the pleasure of buying my Sunday paper from this sweet young lady who sells in a parking lot near my church. I always buy 2 or 3 papers if there are good coupons (which I decide by reading the […]