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Healthy New Year’s Eve Dinner

So my plans for my New Year’s Eve had to be changed.  Originally, I was going to order Chinese and scrapbook the night away but when I told my friend, Tracy Knight, of Core Door Fitness of my plans, she said UH…NO! See, what happened was this… I mentioned to Tracy that I LOVE Chinese […]


A few months ago, I read about Cozi on a blog somewhere…I don’t remember where.  The author of the blog had said that it would help me to stay organized.  The family calendar, to-do lists and shopping lists would make life simpler…we shall see. I checked out their site and decided to go ahead and […]

Christmas Eve

I am lying here in my bed on Christmas Eve. It is about 11:15, the kids are in bed, there are two crockpots cooking tomorrow’s breakfast and I am just reflecting on how wonderfully blessed I am. Last night we celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family. We went to his parents’ house and had dinner. […]

I’m Cooking Now

<p style="font: 15pt Garamond, Georgia, serif; color: #ffffff;" I LOVE to cook! Trying new recipes is something exciting for me even though my family isn't always as excited about some of my concoctions! Ha ha! It isn't easy for someone with a passion for preparing delicious meals to go without an oven but I have […]

This Week’s Menu

<p style="font: 15pt Garamond, Georgia, serif; color: #ffffff;" This is what's on the menu at our house this week. I know from experience that planning a menu and making your grocery list to go along with your menu saves you money! I used to print out my grocery list organized by category but for the […]

Snow, Shows and Shopping

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground! Ok, so it wasn’t much. I honestly thought it was just a heavy frost at first.  But it made me wonder if we might possibly have a chance at having snow on the ground next Saturday morning… a Christmas Day snow! That would be nice. […]

Welcome Everything Wellness Listeners

If you just listened to my progress report on the Everything Wellness show and are popping in to see what I look like and learn more about me, I welcome you! It is my pleasure to have you stop by. I hope that your visit here will encourage you to reach for your weight loss […]


Everyone knows how much I love coffee.  I use my amazing Keurig Brewer every single day.  What you don’t know is that a week ago, I switched to decaf! What?!? Yep.  It originally wasn’t intentional. A friend gave me a bunch of K-Cups and 2 boxes were decaf.  I didn’t really think I would use […]

Wienermobile Visit

Today we got to visit the Wienermobile! This was a totally impromptu field trip.  I receive the status updates from The Leader’s Facebook page as text messages so I can keep up with events and breaking news for my area.  Well, this morning they posted that it was here so I told the kids to grab […]


I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am doing with my goal of losing 100 pounds by November 30, 2011 and my walking efforts. I have bad news and I have good news.  Bad news first- I decided to take a week off of walking to let my body rest […]