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Black Friday

I haven’t done the “Door Buster” sales on Black Friday in about 10 years.  There usually isn’t anything I just have to have that I want to fight for so I just wait until later in the day.  Most of the time I can get something that I do want at a great price even […]

Now Accepting Credit Cards

I have had the capability to accept Visa and Mastercard for over a year but haven’t really pursued this option. I have had a few business owners ask me about this recently so I decided to go for it. I will be sending invoices out with a link to pay online or you can contact me to […]

Birthday Fun Night

We have a tradition in our family when it comes to birthdays. The birthday person gets to choose what we have for dinner and then we go see a movie. Tonight Amy wanted chicken so we went to Gus’s World Famous Chicken place.  It was pretty good but I don’t see why everyone thinks it […]

Big Birthday Parties on a Budget

We did it! We gave our daughter a fabulous Sweet Sixteen birthday party and it didn’t break the bank. The cake was made by one of my daughter’s friends who has been teaching herself about cake decorating and I think she did an amazing job! It was a GLOWING SWEET SIXTEEN party featuring a dance […]

My Cleaning Fairies

Yay! I finally got the cleaning fairies that I have always wanted. They are “helping” us get the playroom ready for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. Ok, so they don’t really clean that well but they are kinda cute!

Job Well Done

When my youngest was in kindergarten, he learned this poem: Work while you work, Play while you play, This is the way To be happy each day. All that you do, Do with your might, Things done by half Are never done right. Author Unknown It is something that I remind my children of frequently. […]

How He Loves Us


Thankful Tree

We made Thankful Trees today.  One each leaf, I wrote what they child said they were thankful for. The things kids are thankful for are so cute.  These are from ages 3, 4 and 10. (The 10 year old wrote on his own leaves.) Mommy Daddy Sissy Brother Cake & Ice Cream Macaroni & Cheese Toys […]

Michael’s Stocking Event

This Saturday (November 20th), Michael’s is having a “Make it and Take It” event for ages 3 and up.  You must purchase a stocking and then you will be able to personalize it and take it home.  Enjoy!