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Mega Food at Mega Savings!

Wow! I just got home from the grocery store and am SO impressed with the savings this week! My total before I used my Kroger card and coupons was $243.86 and after all of the savings came off, I only paid $118.76! That is $125.10 in savings! This week Kroger is having a Mega Savings […]

Back to School

Yesterday we started our new school year! The oldest is now in the 9th grade, middle child is in the 7th and youngest is in the 4th…where has the time gone? It doesn’t feel like I have been homeschooling my children that long! I enjoy it SO much because we are learning and exploring together. […]

Sylvan’s Forward to School Algebra Challenge

When the kids were on the Book Adventure site yesterday taking their reading comprehension quizzes, I noticed a new contest! Sylvan is having an Algebra Challenge for everyone over the age of 13. Take a math quiz and be entered in their sweepstakes. The GRAND Prize is a $10,000 scholarship! Go to Sylvan’s Forward to […]

Christmas Carol Train Tour

We went to the train station and stood in line for almost 2 hours to get on the train. It was hot! Occasionally we would get a little breeze so that helped out and they also had water coolers for people to stay hydrated and misting fans to help people cool off a little. Here […]

All Aboard

I am SO excited! My youngest is really into trains…has been for a long time. When I found out about this awesome FREE train tour for Disney’s A Christmas Carol, it was a no brainer that we would be going! If you are in the Memphis area, it will be at the Memphis Central Station […]