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Grocery Shopping is FUN!

Here are my groceries for this week. The only meat that I had to buy this week was turkey burger patties. Yes, I know that I could have just made my own patties and saved some more money but I didn't want to this week.I got everything you see here for $67.28. The price before […]

My Grandchicks

Last Friday our baby chicks started hatching. We have 5 right now. 3 are black and 2 are yellow. They peep all day! LOL. The kids have named all of them but I can't tell you who is who. Here are some pics of my new grandchicks!

The Grass Stain Guru

I have a new blog friend! Her name is Beth and she is the Grass Stain Guru. Her website is She and I share the belief in the power of play and if you visit her site, you will get lots of great ideas to do with your kiddos. Please go check it out […]

FREE Thomas Train

WOW! I just heard about this from Freebies 4 Mom! I know that a lot of my friends have Thomas fans in their house so here ya go! Go to Toys R Us tomorrow and get your free train! Get your coupon here:

St. Patrick’s Theme

This week we have been learning about St. Patrick and it has been a lot of fun! We remembered that he was not born in Ireland but was kidnapped by pirates and taken there from when we studied him in Mystery of History Volume II . This week was a great review from that! I […]

Our Scattergories Arrived

Today during lunch my daughter announced that the Fed Ex truck was here. I hadn't ordered anything and wasn't sure why he would be backed into my driveway. The box said Hasbro….and then I remembered that I had won a game during the Time To Play site warming party on Twitter!! We now have Scattergories […]

Painting Shamrocks

Today we are beginning our study of St. Patrick. We started off by learning about how he used the shamrock to teach about the Trinity and led a lot of people to Christ. We painted shamrocks and will use them to decorate the playroom this week.

My apologies

I must apologize to my friends and family that have been looking for a new post. I had gotten into the habit of taking pics on my mobile and then uploading them with a post. Well, for some reason, the last 3 posts that I did that way never posted. I thought I was keeping […]

Go Tigers Go!

I am going to attempt to post this again. For some reason my mobile posts have not been posting so everything that I have wanted to share with you is lost in neverland.So….my mom and I went to see the Tigers play Saturday and I LOVED it! I don’t ever want to miss another home […]