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Lesson from the vacuum

Yes, my vacuum cleaner taught me a lesson. It is amazing the things that God can use to speak to you! I needed to vacuum the living room Friday afternoon so I plugged one of my vacuum cleaners in to start the job. I have the bagless type that you can see the dirt through […]

Define “Good Day”

What makes a day good? Is it that everything goes perfectly as planned? If that were the case, I would never have a good day because there are always little hiccups in my schedule and I try to just go with the flow….which is something I have learned how to do over the years. As […]

Little Debbie Giveway

Here is an exciting giveaway on one of my favorite blogs: Win a box of Little Debbie Products like this: Just visit her blog and enter!!!

Scheduling to get it all done

I have moms ask me all the time how do I get everything done that I need to do and still sleep every night….well, first off, I don’t get everything that I want done each and every day but I do get a lot done! My “secret” is scheduling. I schedule everything…seriously! From the time […]

Week in Review

This week has been kind of busy and that is why I haven’t been blogging much. I don’t think any of the kids updated their blogs this week either now that I think about it. We didn’t have any of the 2 year old come on Monday because their parents were all off of work […]

Saving Money!!

Ok, it is official…..I am turning into one of “those people” LOL You know, the ones who are in front of you at the grocery store and have every ad for all of the stores in the area and a bucket load of coupons. You ALWAYS get behind on of them don’t you?! And they […]

Miracle Muffins

When I made my menu & grocery list last week, I had planned to make sausage & biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast but didn’t buy the sausage because I thought I would be able to go get it Saturday. Well, I went to an overnight scrapbooking event Friday night & was there from around 6 […]

Too cold for the chickens

It is so cold here that we actually had to bring the chickens in tonight! The current temp is 13! William discovered that 2 of his new chickens didn't survive the cold so he brought the rest of them in for the night. These 2 are in a cage now but when they first came […]

Mighty fine day

Wow! It has been a great day! The kids zoomed through their school work today and did well on their assignments….Amy made a 100 on her spelling test! Yay!Andrew updated his blog today but Amy and Alex didn’t want to. Alex needs to do something soon…his blog has nothing on it. I think he needs […]

Tired yet full of passion

Bet that title caught your attention but it has nothing to do with what you might be thinking!! Read on.This morning started out ok. I didn’t get up early and go for my walk because I had trouble sleeping last night and didn’t drift off until almost 2 so when the alarm went off at […]